Dr. Walt Brown, Heather Leatherman, Dawn Kephart, Colleen Blume, and Al Shine are life-long Republicans with practical values who believe in accountability to parents and taxpayers.



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Carlisle Area School District 2022 State Exam Results:
  • 3rd - 5th Graders - Half NOT proficient in Math; 4 out of 10 NOT proficient in English.
  • 6th - 8th Graders - 7 out of 10 NOT proficient in Math; 4 out of 10 NOT proficient in English.
  • 11th Graders - 4 out of 10 NOT proficient in Math; Graduation Rate of 88%, Lowest in the Area, lower than CV at 96%, Big Spring at 94%, South Middleton at 92%.
  • Bussard, (16 years on Board), cumulative school tax increase of 56.02%.
  • School Taxes have been increased 16 out of the last 16 years, DESPITE a growing end of fiscal year surplus dollar balance, now totaling more than $27.3 million!
  • There is limited transparency on how school taxes are spent.
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Meet the CASD Team For Change 

Colleen Blume

Candidate for Carlisle Area School District

Hello, my name is Colleen Blume

I love Carlisle! It's been our family's home for 26 years and the district from which our son graduated. My husband of 33 years, Mike, and I are invested in this community and plan to remain in Carlisle.

While our son was in school, I was a very active parent both in  the classroom and on the PTO. I was a staunch advocate for our students  to have a healthy environment in which to learn. Although the concerns may be different today, I continue to have a passion to make things better for our students and the district overall.

I believe we need more accountability from our school board to parents regarding what their children are learning. I think we need to take a deep dive into why our test scores are so low. And, we need to know why our taxes keep increasing year over year. These are just a few of the issues I will look into if I am elected.


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Walt Brown

Candidate for Carlisle Area School District


I am Walt Brown, a retired Naval Officer, businessman, father, and grandfather. I came to the Carlisle area in 2000 for a military assignment, and stayed because I love the community, and have formed many long-lasting friendships here.

Diana, my wife of 44 years, and I now have grandchildren in the Carlisle Area School District (CASD). We chose Carlisle as our home, and now I want to give back by serving as a member of the CASD School Board, helping to bring solutions to our district's current problems. Specifically, I intend to use my education in finance and life experiences in leadership and entrepreneurship to improve the Carlisle school’s fiscal position and ensure adequate funding for the future.


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Heather Leatherman

Candidate for Carlisle Area School District

I'm Heather Leatherman, a wife, mother, and former business owner in Carlisle. My husband of 23 years, Matt, and I have lived and raised our family in this area for the last 18 years and love the Carlisle community. Of my various roles, being a mother is my top priority.

I'm very active in the community and school life with my children. My oldest child has graduated from Carlisle and I have two children currently in Carlisle High School.

I am running for School Board because I want CASD Schools to create a learning environment that inspires teachers and students, giving our students the best possible education. The parents and taxpayers deserve nothing less.


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Dawn Kephart

Candidate for Carlisle Area School District


 Hello, my name is Dawn Kephart. I am dedicated to children!

I have three adult children, all graduates of Carlisle. Currently, three of my five grandchildren attend Carlisle schools. I fostered 23 children with my husband, Clint, of 35 years, and I currently drive a school bus, transporting children! I can see the daily lives of our children today being quite challenging. I believe we can make it better.

I am running for Carlisle School Board to create an educational environment that nurtures our children to be the best they can be I want to help them reach their goals for the benefit of our community, state and nation. I believe the current challenges in our schools fracture the potential our children have within them. We can do better.


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Al Shine

Candidate for Carlisle Area School District

 Hi, I'm Al Shine, a retired military veteran, educator (military, college, private, and local public schools), and family man.

I have 27 years of active military service, including Vietnam combat mixed with 11 years of educating ROTC students, US Military Academy cadets, and Army War College students.

My second career was in high school administration and teaching My wife of 57 years, Sandra, and I have lived in Carlisle since 2000. I have sub-taught in Carlisle middle and high schools. We have three grandchildren in Carlisle schools.

I believe it is the particular role of public schools to assist parents in developing their children into educated adults ready to serve as responsible citizens of our diverse, democratic society.


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